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Red Roan AQH mare

Age: approx 13 years

Height: 16H

Pedigree: grade

Temperament: 1/10        (1=very laid back  10=hot)

She is great on trails, goes through water, does not get into a hurry, is very laid back. By herself or with other horses, it does not make a difference to her. She is easy to handle, loads easy and backs out of the trailer. She is a great trail horse.

She loads, stands tied, stands for the farrier, bathes, lunges. 


She is not in a hurry in the arena, more the push kind of horse. 

She does keep her tempo pretty good.

Things we are working on:

Head set


Side passing

Pushing Cattle

Neck reining  


Her feet have been trimmed and she has been dewormed


She does have an old scar on the right front hoof, she is sound.